Commercial Services

Health Inspections

Don't have the time or resources to sit and tour the health inspector around your facility? We will arrange to meet with the inspector on your behave, guild them through your facility, while ensuring they are satisfied. However if anything is sighted instead of getting an official closer and or a monetary fine we will work with the inspector to correct any issues immediately! Keeping you open and saving the headaches. 

Weekly Service

For a flat rate you get all your chemicals and service included (Repairs and construction are an extra cost) 

A visit includes

  • Water balancing
  • Pool vacuuming
  • Scum line cleaning
  • Skimmer basket  cleanout
  • Pump basket cleanout 
  • Filter backwash
  • Facility inspection 

Wait Times

Our founder built this company with the clients in mind, which means you won't be waiting weeks or months for quotes and repairs. Once an issue is reported to us either by our staff or you, we will look into what the issue is and send out a quote once we know what is going on, during this process we will be in constant  communication with you so you know where we stand in the process, because we understand how important these pools are to your residents/clients.

What Makes Us Better

We actually care about your pools, not many companies can say servicing your pools is their passion. From the start of the job to the end we  look out for our clients needs, from sourcing out better priced products to ensuring your facility is safe and clean. There is nothing more important to us than your happy residents/clients 

Dedicated Pool technician

We believe keeping your technician the same ever visit will help prevent confusion and increase the cleanliness of your building, as they will have a stronger understanding of your sites ins and outs. his will also help us to spot issues before they arise

Monthly Inspections

Let us handle the headache of inspecting the entire system each month, to ensure its in safe working order and will pass the ontario health standards. 

If you're INTERESTED in having us take CARE of your facility

Get a Quote Today! and stop worrying about you pools.

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